Méribel Vallée

A valley endowed with 52 ski lifts, some which are a 30 minute ride, and some of which are as short as one would find in a "bunny" slope area. They have one common feature - namely that all of them have to be used for a complete journey during the Coeur Blanc ski challenge in a single day. So on 21st March, 2020 at 8.30am teams will set out on the first lift, the Olympe Express, to compete in this 'simple to explain, but difficult to complete' marathon on skis or snowboards.

Rules and Regulations

Team Requirements

Teams will need to complete a full journey on all 52 lifts within the valley during the course of a single day. This works out at one lift every nine minutes! The first lift opens at 8:30am and the last lift will close by 5:30pm.

Each team consists of between 4 and 6 skiers and can include one professional guide. It is recommended that a guide is included to ensure that skiers have priority at lifts in case of queues. The teams chose their own routes, but which ever route is selected it will require a skiing descent and ascent of over 15,000 metres or two Mount Everests.

A full set of Rules and Regulations will be available to team captains once they have registered their team and paid a deposit. It is important to those making charitable donations that all the costs of the event are borne by the participants. Teams will be required to pay an entry fee of £1000.


The Magic Future Foundation

The last 5 events have raised over £2 million for various charities. Each time the organisers select a charity to which ALL the funds raised will be donated. In 2020 the funds will be donated to the The Magic Future Foundationton to help Stefan Wissenbach and his wife Diana build sustainable schools in some of the world’s poorest countries. Please see the charity section of the website for more details.